Body’s Law a performance by and with Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


“Body’s Law” is a performance created after reading a handbook for people getting out of prison for their reintroducing in the community.

The performance is about the transition of the body from the state of detention in a jail to the state of reintroduction in the social body. Transition means a bridge-state, a state of passage from one point to another. In this case, the transition is from a subjective state of bodies isolated from community to the state of being inside the social body where our bodies become public bodies.

The performance is focussed on sounds and on the body’s movements.

Sounds are originated from three sources.

The first source is sound generated in real time related to body’s movements thanks to an electronic device.

The second source is a synthetic voice reading some texts.

The third source is a recorded soundtrack of an electronic music piece composed by the performer.

The electronic device that generated sounds in real time is fastened to the body by a cable, so body's movements are not totally free. It is a sort of metaphor of something that can explode in a creative way but it is still suspended. The voice is synthetic to communicate the idea of something objective, artificial, with an ambiguous connection with something animal like our bodies. The recorded electronic music composition is not under the control of the body's movement, so is something that the body can't control, a sort of vital stream.

During the performance, the performer uses the saliva to stick some paper sheets on a board. On the paper sheets, there are some phrases taken from the handbook. The performer uses the saliva because it is something very physical, a bridge that connects nature with culture.

The performance wants to raise some questions and reflections in the audience.

What is the state of a body cut from the community or totally isolated from other bodies?

What is the state of the body during its transition from a physical constraint to its reintroduction in the community?

Is it a state of fear?

Is it a state related to the necessity of being a new public persona?

What happens to the body when it is reintroduced in the community?

Is there a codified law that the body's behaviour must display in the community?

How does it reintegrate with others bodies?

Is the social body existence real?

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