Body’s Law an artistic action by and with Vincenzo Fiore Marrese


Here the specific performance calendar. For the full calendar of events see the artist website.

5th-6th October 2019 Body’s Law Grand Hotel Terminus, PAB Open Bergen, 5th floor, Bergen, Norway
Map: 60°23'26.6"N 5°20'03.7"E
4th July 2019 Body’s Law Moving Bodies Festival Butoh e Performance Art 2019, Teatro Espace, Turin, Italy
Map: 51°21'02.6"N 12°24'22.7"E
23rd March 2019 06:30 p.m., 07:45 p.m., 09:00 p.m. Body’s Law Žižkovská Noc festival 2019, Cross Attic - place for interdisciplinary experiments in performing arts, Praha, Czech Republic
Map: 50°06'29.6"N 14°26'35.8"E
2nd February 2019 03:40 p.m. Body’s Law Charukala Institute, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, D’Lab 2019, Dhaka Live Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Map: 23°44'08.7"N 90°23'42.9"E
27th October 2018 08:00 p.m. Body’s Law Θέατρο Σημείο (Semio Theatre), Kallithèa, Athens, Greece
Map: 37°57'40.3"N 23°43'04.1"E
8th July 2018 08:00 p.m. Body’s Law Carbonarium - International Performance Art Festival in Kyiv, art residence Carbon, Kyiv, Ukraine
Map: 50°22'40.9"N 30°28'46.4"E
1st July 2018 02:00 p.m. Body’s Law CCK - Cultural Center Korpus, Performensk - international festival of performative art in Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
Map: 53°54'55.1"N 27°34'22.1"E
16th June 2018 8:00 p.m. Body’s Law D27, Riga, Latvia
Map: 56°57'34.7"N 24°06'41.6"E
14th June 2018 6:30 p.m. Body’s Law Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa, KKc - Kaņepes Kultūras centrs, Riga, Latvia
Map: 56°57'29.4"N 24°07'08.3"E
2nd May 2018 8:00 p.m. Body’s Law Freshly Scratched, Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN, England, United Kingdom
Map: 51°27'53.8"N 0°09'38.9"W

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